Acne is a common skin condition that can be caused by many things. There are many different factors that can cause acne and there are many different ways to treat it. The first thing you should do when dealing with acne is to see your doctor or dermatologist. He or she will be able to tell you what is causing your acne, how severe it is and if there are any other problems with your skin besides acne. If your doctor has determined that you have acne then he or she will prescribe you an acne medication. You should continue to see your doctor every month or two until your acne is completely gone.

There are many different medications that can be used to treat acne. Most of these medications are topical treatments that can be applied directly to the skin. These medications can be applied to the skin several times a day and they usually contain benzoyl peroxide. This is the active ingredient in most acne medications. These medications are not very expensive and they work well. They can be found at most pharmacies and drug stores. However, if you don’t want to go to a pharmacy then you can order them online. If you have sensitive skin then you may have to wait several weeks before you can start using these medications.

If you have acne that doesn’t seem to be going away then you may want to consider trying doxycycline. This is an antibiotic that is often prescribed to patients who have a bacterial infection. It can also be used to treat acne. Doxycycline is available over the counter and it can be purchased at most pharmacies. You will probably have to wait several weeks before it is effective though. Another medication that is often prescribed to patients with acne is Accutane. This is a prescription medication that is used to treat severe acne. It is expensive and can be hard to get so you should only consider this option if all else fails.

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