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I Ruined My Skin with this Beauty Hack + How I Fixed It. I’m FINALLY sharing how I got rid of my acne + the products I used to heal my skin. Luckily, it did not include Accutane & I’m proud to share where I’m at now. It’s been a LONG acne journey. Next steps…tackling scars!

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00:00 – 00:20 Intro
00:46 – 01:26 how I ruined my skin
01:27 – 02:14 mistakes I made on my acne journey
02:15 – 03:39 morning skincare (3 products you NEED)
03:40 – 05:29 3 products you NEED for night time skincare
05:30 – 06:03 what’s next for acne scars
06:04 – 06:57 Final thoughts on shaving my face

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Vanicream Cleanser
Vanicream Daily Moisturizer
Cerave Moisturizer
Garner Skin Active Wipes
La Roch Balm
Cerave Healing ointment

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After ruining my skin with this beauty Hack here’s how i went from this to this Something finally worked and it didn’t Include accutane today i want to share With you the mistakes i’ve made that set Me back ages in my acne journey and if You stick to the end i’ll also share With you the products that help me in Getting rid of my acne this is a Non-sponsored skincare routine so Hopefully you can trust me and luckily a Lot of these products can be found at The drugstore or amazon shall we begin I’ve received countless amounts of Comments from all of you wanting to see My skincare secrets i wanted to share With you the products that have worked For me i haven’t seen a lot of people no One actually talk about these very Surprised and because my acne journey Has been so damn long and painful i’m Very excited to share with you this is My skin how it is right now it’s not Perfect but it’s so much better i am Proud thank you god so during this time I was just so desperate my self-esteem Was to the floor so the story begins When i did this very stupid skin hat so What’s the beauty hack let’s roll the Clip so harry latina i got curious and i Thought hey why don’t i just shave my Face well it didn’t work for me the Comments in this tick tock are very Subdivided let me just tell you some of

You had a really amazing experience for Me my skin is flawless eighteen point Seven thousand people agree a lot of People also ask me if i did it dry i did Not i used a serum that it came with and That’s what happened other people like Me also said me too this happened to me Sad because i’m a harry latin girl so i Was like oh my god i absolutely love This however the second time that’s been All hell bro okay i don’t know what Happened my skin felt so hot which was Like the worst part of it all matter of Fact dennis would touch my skin and he Was like oh my god like you’re burning And that’s how i felt that was mistake Number one doing things that i saw on The internet that an aesthetician was Really supposed to do doing crazy things I did this mask it was like a turmeric Mask i was like an oompa loompa i was Orange for a bit dennis was very upset At me because all my towels were now Orange so mistake number two i was Taking advice from not professionals Just my peers if you will so much to the Point that i was over abusing using Vitamin c and it literally burned my Skin it was I also started trying products that Influencers were pitching at me during That time i was just like taking and Grabbing oh this person’s routine this Person’s routine okay cool let me

Combine it and it doesn’t work like that Everybody’s skin is so difficult by my Third mistake and we all do this don’t Lie to me okay and that’s over Complicating your skincare routine i Don’t care if vogue’s models have a 10-step skincare routine yours doesn’t Have to be like that so really simplify It that leads me into my skincare Routine my morning you see it’s only Three products that’s it here’s the Trifecta baby i swear by this i swear by It i had never heard of any cream i Don’t know what the hell that is but you Can actually get this on amazon or at Your local place what i love about it is Free of dyes fragrance masking Fragrances lanolin parabens pretty much Everything it just felt like a nice bath Like a nice milky bath to my skin when My skin was just burning it doesn’t foam A lot it’s really great oh my god i was Showing the wrong product i still get This anyways this is the one the Cleaning one also free of dyes fragrance Whatever so this is my first step in i Just use this wash my face lather it up Use some nice warm water and then taking A nice clean towel that’s been another Part of my hygiene then step two i go in With this the moisturizer maybe i’ll Moisturize my face okay i feel like the More the merrier for me because i’m dry Smells like nothing

It’s glorious i recommend this to Everyone if you are looking for another Alternative cerave this one’s a really Good one as well however i do find Myself liking this one more the third Person in all this is this had you ever Heard about this i had it okay this is The elta md skincare uv clear i don’t Know spf 46. it’s really great this one Actually has a little bit of a tint and Again it doesn’t leave like this crazy Film i’m tan so i got the little tint Because i find that a lot of them do That something about these are just like I call it the trifecta it’s beautiful And then i just go in with my typical Makeup routine and everything works it’s Dandy so then at night let me show you So we go back in with the vanity cream We lather it up we clean her up fresh Towel damn i need advice here i’m not The best at this i still use makeup Removing wipes i know they’re bad but my Dermatologist said as long as it doesn’t Have like fragrance and he also Recommended the micellar water from Garnier orgy i’m a lazy girl so i like These i don’t know let me know down Below in the comments if there’s other Recommendations so then after that my Dermatologist told me to use this thing Called tretinoid i don’t know exactly What’s in here but these are more like To help manage breakouts that are about

To appear you just add like a pea-sized Amount put it all over the face it’s Very drying extremely drying which is Why the next product is so important Basically what this does it almost gives Me like a mini peel every three days but Not to the point where anybody can even See it or myself or the camera which is Just fantastic it’s just like many many Little peels so he recommends using this Every other day and then the final thing In all this at night is this bomb this Thing is great i have very dry skin i Also have i like eczema it’s gotten Better over the years i use this as like A hand cream i just grab a gulp amount Apply it all over my face i look like a Beautiful glazed donut i just feel great The next morning i just wake up like a Princess It’s great here are some other Recommendations just in case you would Like if you’re experiencing morning Breakouts now i do believe you need a Dermatologist to give this to you this Is glendamycin And benzoyl peroxide gel that’s what it Is one percent i apply it as needed it Is magical but my pimple Deceased dead ask your doctor people and Then just for shits and giggles i guess I really like this cereve i don’t know What what this is not a skincare group I’m a real person this stuff works i

Just like this for my lips it’s just fun My skin feels like really glowy shiny Very soft i feel like all the products That i use really penetrate better the Next thing in all this is my acne scars Yes i’ve done a few things for it like Chemical peel not a great experience Honestly i don’t recommend it i was Shedding for two or three weeks i could Barely do anything i’m a busy lady i Can’t do that in my schedule something My dermatologist recommended is a Vampire facial i might try that i’ll do A little youtube short for you can only Speak from my experience and i do not Personally recommend german planning at Home i don’t recommend you to do it with Your best friend i just don’t recommend It i think if you’re going to do Something like that go to a professional Go to a dermatologist and esthetician Because it is what they do but if you Had good luck i mean that’s great but Again the second time was bad for me i Have gone derma planning since then at a Professional office it’s actually been Two times i absolutely love it i’m so Excited and happy look my face is Glowing through the pimples i love it It’s gotten a lot better and is it Wearing this today my titties are Looking good and what did i just Heard what are your favorite products Please give me a recommendation for

Makeup removers i am lazy also an eye Cream would be great if you can Recommend really curious do you believe In influencers or content creators who Promote skincare and what about that Makes you gravitate towards their Opinion but also what now takes you back Because i just can’t trust it anymore And i hate that because this is my job This is what i do give this video a like If you enjoyed if you’re looking for Period products that might change your Period forever i’m telling you here’s a Great video i just posted it last week i Love it anyways it was fun hanging out With you i didn’t want to put on makeup Today i’m in my pjs if you haven’t Subscribed subscribe let me know what Else you’d like to see i’m excited i Hope you have a good one i’ll see in the Next one bye

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